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Camptown Races Press has exited the publishing business. Sailing the Amazon in search of gold and exotic jewels proved less than perfectly profitable — in the virtual world as it did for so many of our preceding explorers in the real world. This site is still here because we own the domain name and because our lively avatars, Joy and Bliss, still cruise the social media. They have plenty to say, mostly on political subjects, given the current predicament in which our nation finds itself. But they also post and comment on personal finance and lifestyle topics.

Our sister imprint, Plain & Simple Press, still publishes books by clients, hobbyists, and its owner. For the latest in those precincts, come on over to Plain & Simple News, and be sure to check out our great fiction and nonfiction books. Follow us on Twitter @RacyLadies and on Facebook. We look forward to meeting you on the blog and maybe even to doing business with you!


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